is one of the best web experiences I’ve ever had.
It’s a learning community where you can learn words and things from a vast spectrum of topics.

The idea is that when you meet a new word, a small seed is planted in your green house. As you spend more time with it, the seed sprout and grows (and is now housing in your short-time memory).

Memrise is full of clever things, and when you’re (according to their science) about to forget the memories, they send you a nice email with a direct link to the specific words or things, that you are about to forget.
Great service, love it!

I’ve got a Excitio B3 (personal server) that I use for different computer tasks.
It serves my ownCloud, an instance of Ampache, a Tor bridge, a video/music/photos streamer, a anonymous dropbox (FTP) and thinkUp – a web app that backs up your social media interactions. I also use it as my router, and as a backup for my photo masters. So far, it’s been a very pleasant experience. I am looking to use it even more! I would like to be able to serve my friends with small and useful web apps.

With great power, comes great responsibility
Because of this, I won’t try to help with their e-mail, or any other service that requires uptime. After all, the server is run from my living room ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’m always trying out new stuff on it. So the services need to be quick and dirty, the jack and use kind of apps.

Why I’m doing this
I have this vision/ideal of direct communication รขโ‚ฌโ€œ without middle hands.
That means no government, no corporations in between.
And after all: I have both the CPU and bandwidth to do this.
Besides the B3, I also have an account with WebFaction that supports both node.js and a few other cool technologies. Might just go ahead and try



Things that can improve the experience
It would be awesome if we (who have servers) could help each other with redundancy, when my service goes offline, then yours could take over.

During my search I found a great list of apps that you can try on your server:

What apps would you serve to your friends?