This website is hosted on a Raspberry Pi 4 (RaPi4) in my home.

The RaPi4 hosts even more websites:

It’s a great feeling to be able to host websites on such a small device from your own home. 

The RaPi4 runs Webmin ( . It is hooked up to an UPS, as electrical outages is quite common in our area.

In front of the RaPi4 is Cloudflare. Cloudflare handles all the DNS settings, and acts as a dynamic DNS provider.

Our home is run by renewable electricity and is connected to the Internet via optical fiber.

This is part of the beauty of the Internet.
Anyone can host a website on their computer while it’s connected to the Internet: The common network <3

I used to be a heavy Spotify-user before my favorite artists moved away from the service. Now I’m using Apple Music – but all of my playlists have been stuck in Spotify-land. To be honest, I haven’t missed them that much, but it was still very nice to get them back as of today 😀 !

I downloaded SongShift – an app that you install on your iPhone or iPad which makes it really easy to move favorites, playlists and more between different music services. It’s a great app, well made and nicely designed – you should really try it out if you’ve got playlists scattered across several services.

Vi i vårt hushåll handlar primärt på Coop, med MedMera-kortet. Det har en rad fördelar, och en av dem är att man som medlem får personliga rabatter (något ICA var först i Sverige med), baserat på sina tidigare inköp.

Coops App är en strålande produktion tycker jag, bland annat så blir den tillgänglig direkt via startkärmen på iPhone via iBeacon (gissning?) när man är i en Coop-butik. Hypermodernt.

En daglig mindre utmaning för min familj är att hålla inköpslistan någorlunda uppdaterad. Det resulterar ofta i flera turer till butiken än nödvändigt. Här skulle Coop kunna hjälpa oss!

Coop kan förutsäga min inköpslista, baserat på mina tidigare köp. Påminna mig om vad som snart kommer att vara slut (baserat på tidigare konsumtionsmönster). Ett exempel: Vi använder ungefär 2 paket krossade tomater per vecka. En enkel uppgift för en smart inköpslista – varje vecka föreslår den att vi bör köpa 2 paket krossade tomater. När köpet har gjorts så börjar räknaren om för just den varan.

Det vore underbart att ha det så här för alla våra inköp, på sätt skulle vi ha ett mindre tomt skafferi, och slippa göra småinköp för att komplettera vår egen glömska.

Detta kanske redan är på gång, om inte så ser jag fram emot när det finns!

Kima och Amanda läser saga

  1. Take photos
  2. Import to local harddrive using Aperture (SSD ftw)
  3. Post process in Aperture
  4. Publish to Internet (Flickr, whatever)
  5. Relocate originals to NAS (using Aperture)
  6. Let NAS make backup (Rsync to another hd, then to far-away location using CrashPlan+)
  7. Delete from SD-card

My workflow is a work in progress. Can you spot any problems with it?
How do you work?

I bought this to extend my ever growing need of space (all of my photographs are shot in RAW). Right now it’s housing 2x3tb connected over eSATA to my B3 (small home server). The first thing that struck me when I turned on the ICY BOX was how incredibly loud it was. I’m very sensitive to sound and noise, so I couldn’t possibly live with that kind of monster in my living room. So I decided to replace the fan.

Thankfully, RaidSonic (ICY BOX designer/manufacturer) has made this very easy:

ICY BOX rear

  1. You simply remove the fan, it’s a 2 pin connector (don’t ask me).  And then you…
  2. Buy a silent fan. I picked up the Noctua R-8, which is incredibly silent.
  3. Most fans that you can buy come with a 3 pin or 4 pin connector. This might scare you, but in this case it doesn’t matter.
  4. Splice the cables, and use the connector from the previous fan. Be sure to check and remember which cable goes where. In my case, the yellow was the red. Twine the new fan’s cable with the old one. Put some tape around the naked metal.
  5. Insert new fan. Make sure that no cable end up close to the fans blade.
  6. Tidy up.
  7. Done!


The end result

For me, I would have returned the ICY BOX if I had been unable to fix the noise. Thankfully it worked out, and now the HDD’s sounds more than the ICY BOX fan. One thing that I learned from this was how analog fans are. It’s just a small electric motor, and because of this, their cables are really simple. Just like a speaker cable.