Yesterday I gave cardiopulmonary resuscitation to Sannas iPod.
After several blows, bends and hits, it’s little hard drive started spinning again! Hooray 🙂 !
Now it looks a little weird, but it works as expected. Before yesterday, it didn’t work at all.

Today I tried ashtanga yoga for my second time.
I enjoyed it very much, and I’m already feeling that it would be too little to only practice it once a week.

Ok, so you want to move to Barcelona in Spain?
Here’s things to work out before:

Contact an immobilizia agenzia which is a stately owned housing agency. Call them, pay the fee and get the service of them searching for housing for you. They hold most of Barcelonas apartments.
Terms to remember:
• Apartamento – One room apartment.
• Piso – Multi roomed apartment.

When you get down to Barcelona you’ll need to get 9 numbers. It’s for social security and is needed if you are going to get employed or get access to the library (card). You get that from the police station.

Plan to have at least a few weeks off work if you are going to move here. Things takes time and you’ll need money to manage yourself.
Say you want internet, it will take a while to get it. Until you get it at home you can still get access from the many locutorios or for free from the library (all you need is a passport number and an address, the latter which you can make up).

If you like second hand shops, vintage, indie, vegetarian or other “alternative” things I really recommend the inner city around Las Ramblas. It holds ‘Juicy Jones’ which is an vegan restaurant with extremely good natural juices. I love fruit juice.

A ten trip metro card costs 6.9 euro which I consider cheap (compared to Sweden).

Links to remember:
• – Source for housing, work and more in Barcelona.

Good luck!