Corn fields. Photo by

Just finished reading the Swedish edition of National Geographic (#6).
One article was about the global food market.

Last year, the price for food was exceeding any previous levels.
The reason for this was that there wasn’t enough food in the world to feed everyone.
This limitation is something that we earthlings always will face.
How many persons can this planet feed?
Will we have to regulate births in the future, as the do in China?

I ride my bike everyday to work and back. It’s great! Stockholm is adapted for bikes and there isn’t much cars compared to other cities. But even though they are few compared to most other major cities, they bug me as a cyclist. I grew up in Visby, where there hardly is any traffic at all (with the summer as an exception). The air in Stockholm is quite dense and smells terrible of exhaust gases. This is especially true if you ride your bike amongst them, as I do. So as a little experiment I will wear this respirator as a protection against the dust, the particles and the exhaust gases.

My respirator

At the end of this week (after three days of commuting) I will compare the images of the mask.
Sounds like fun? Please KOPIMI, and do this yourself!

Yesterday I gave cardiopulmonary resuscitation to Sannas iPod.
After several blows, bends and hits, it’s little hard drive started spinning again! Hooray 🙂 !
Now it looks a little weird, but it works as expected. Before yesterday, it didn’t work at all.

Today I tried ashtanga yoga for my second time.
I enjoyed it very much, and I’m already feeling that it would be too little to only practice it once a week.