This post contains my thoughts about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s written less than an hour after finishing watching it. Please be advised: you’ll enjoy the movie more if you watch it before reading this.

Let’s talk about Star Wars.
When I was 11 – 13 years old, I loved Star Wars. I watched episode 4, 5 & 6 all over again until episode 1 came out, while simultaneously reading the “Young Jedi Knight” – series. Episode 1 eased my interest in the whole mythos, and episode 2 totally killed any interest that was still left. Episode 3 on the other hand, was actually interesting. It had a lot of interesting scenes, and a very (very!) destructive theme. I still like it, as a whole.
“Young Jedi Knights” was a children’s (?) book series that told the stories of Han Solo’s and Leia’s children, and the Jedi Academy that Luke ran. My favorite character was “Tenel Ka”. Really cool character. Look her up! “Young Jedi Knights” was part of the “Star Wars Extended Universe”, that Disney killed when they bought the franchise.

Let’s talk about JJ Abrams.
JJ has been involved in creating so much great stuff, it’s ridiculous. ALIAS & LOST is my favorites from the work of him and his production company – BAD ROBOT. He’s apparently a very talented director, writer and producer. No doubt about that. He’s excellent at capturing a feeling and creating something that totally owns that feeling. “Captain Kirk” is a great example. JJ made the new Star Trek reboot (in the company of good friends) and in the beginning of the movie we’re introduced to young Kirk. He’s this young, reckless adventure seeker who always seem to have good luck, and excellent timing. That’s a great capture of Captain Kirk, that is sustained and developed throughout the whole movie. I loved it, and it showed the talent of JJ and his team.

Let’s talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
You know when you are eating burritos, and you have this whole great table of fantastic stuffings, and you just keep picking good stuff to put in your burritos, and all of a sudden, it’s full and you can’t eat it without creating a mess? That’s what I think of SWTFA. It’s just too much. Rey might be an interesting character, but I’m never really allowed to wonder if she is. From what I can see, she’s perfect. Her skills is developing extremely fast while we’re busy viewing something else. Finn is interesting at one point… and then it (whatever “it” was) is gone.

It’s like Star Wars Episode 4 – 6 but on a really messy speed run, made for kids who haven’t seen them. It’s saddens me, because it crams in all of the great extra stuffings that makes the old trilogy fun to watch, but none of the stuffings that makes them interesting and moving. It’s like as if JJ thought he understood what makes Star Wars interesting and worthy of my time, but after seeing this – he just proved that he doesn’t. He captured the coating and painting, but none of the inner workings. It delivers all possible fan service it can, but not in the best way. It’s too much, too fast, too predictable, and (honestly) too boring.

Very pretty, but also very shallow.
But maybe that was the point, though? It seemed like the audience really was entertained.
Then, I guess… it’s a great success. It’s just not what I (didn’t dare to) hoped it could be.

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