As you can tell by following this blog, I’ve cheated a lot during this challenge. It didn’t fit to write one post a day, I seem more accustomed to writing fewer but longer posts. I believe that quality is more important than quantity.

Quick tips:

* Clean up after yourselves!
* Take responsibility for your self, show your friends that you care about them.
* Hug other men.
* Clean up after yourselves!
* Listen to others. Women and kids especially. The Modern Man listens to others, rather than talking themselves.
* Participate in the household and work hard to learn all the stuff you didn’t learn as a child.
* If you got a family, remember this: You are a father, not a CEO. In that order as well, ok?
* Wear pink sometimes, when you dare.
* Never get drunk around children. If you need to get stoned, or hammered drunk, get a room or travel away. Kids don’t deserve to hang around idiots who’ve chosen to become less conscious about their presence, and it’s just not cool.
* Remember to play. It is as important in work situations as in home situations. Play is key.
* You can’t claim to love another person at the same time as you hurt that person. If you love someone, you don’t hurt him. Try to compare you lovers with your closest friends, what kind of demands would you put on those?

Well, there you have it! A list with quick tips to becoming more modern!