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“Digitally, I am too much. And I’m dieting. Sometimes I get the munchies and install something in an intellectual fit of gluttony – an app, an Amazing New Tool That Will Change My Life, a videogame, etc. – but I almost always end up deleting it. I try to be a little less every day, and the best way I’ve found to do that is to play a game called Die World Die. I pull out my phone, switch on Pomodroido and for 25 / 35 / 45 minutes, I pretend the Internet doesn’t exist. When I finish, I need the Internet a little less and I need actual contact with people a little more.

When I fail to do this with the important things, I end up feeling weary and jaded. But when I do this with the important things, I love the Internet again and I’m filled with optimism.

I love the Web. But I aspire to needing it much less, and thereby making better use of it.” – Mike Sowden

Att hålla fast vid ilska är som att greppa en het kolbit med avsikten att slänga den på någon annan. Du är den som blir bränd.

Jonas Hassen Khemiri, “Jag ringer mina bröder”

“The definitive front-end performance guide”

If your purpose in coming to Shorinji Kempo is simply from a desire to learn weaponless combat, then you shouldn’t be here anyway. It’s the desire to gain an autonomous way of living, no matter what it takes – people who think that way are welcome.

So Doshin

Hey DN – Vad är detta?

Hey DN - vad är detta?

Hey – vad är tanken bakom denna? Är det till för dem som är extra sugna att kolla in dagens annonser i papperstidningen?

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