I just got home from watching ‘The Dark Knight’, and I must say, I’m really, really impressed with what they’ve done here. Nice work!
After this movie, there is not much more to movitize about either Batman or the super hero idea. If Zack Snyder is successful with his movie adaption of ‘Watchmen’, we’ve definitely reached it’s peak.

If Hollywood continues to create super hero movies, it will more likely circle around certain episodes (like ‘Wolverine’) being transferred from the comic book medium to motion pictures.

Applauses to Christopher Nolan for making this movie!

All Star Superman

All Star Superman is written by Grant Morrison, drawn by Frank Quitely and inked by Jamie Grant.

This is a new run on the Superman character. Grant Morrison has earlier written ‘The Invisibles’ ‘The Filth’ and ‘New X-Men’.

The art is brilliant, very nice to look at. Superman especially look very cool, and I like how he appears to be all clumbsy as Clark Kent.

The stories is very well variated and each issue contains a good story, that aligns well with the over all plot.
But let me tell you this: I want to read more!
I specially like the part where Lex Luthor is being interviewed by Clark Kent.

“How can you compete with something like that? I mean, feel these, Clarke. THIS is the result of hard work!”

Lex is letting Clark feel his biceps.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A modern classic.