Imagine a room with a stage.
All of your friends are there.
People take turns speaking at the stage.
They say and share all kinds of different things at the stage. Some raise questions or ask for help. Some just want to share something funny they’ve encountered. It’s nice.

If you want to join this club, there is a pretty weird thing which you need to agree with. You have to let the club put an inplant in your head, which will filter what you see and when you see it, while you are at the club.

This inplant makes you see only SOME of the people who are at the stage. It might seem quite random who sees what and when. Someone will laugh at one persons jokes, while the others haven’t heard it yet. You might hear it later, or never.

All of a sudden, this #metoo-act takes place. People come up to the stage, one at a time, and they share the most horrendous stories. They are courageous and they share difficult memories with their friends, and before strangers. They’re looking for support and friendship. But you’ll only hear a few of them. And you might not hear them in the correct chronological order. So your other friend, Jane, she heard Anna’s story, and she cried because of it. But you didn’t. She’s upset. But you’re not. All thanks to the inplant.

That’s the crazy asocial social club, and it’s the biggest club on the planet.

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