Since two years back, I’ve been living in a constant high, almost like euphoria. I’ve been constantly facing and challenging my fears. All except one: Public Singing. Now I’m having a go at it, and I’ll let you track my progress!

Boys don’t cry?
When I was a kid, I used to compete at different dancing competitions. I loved musicals and everything dance related. However, I’ve always had issues with intonation and figuring out what it actually means to sing. Like, what IS singing? How do I do it? And what is the technique and short cuts that you should be aware of to increase your skills? What is a tone? What is a frequency? Can I hit the same tone using my light voice as well as using my dark voice? You get the idea 🙂 .
Singing is a mystery unless you understand these basics.

All you need is love!
When I first met my love Amanda, we made a deal that basically said that if I would teach her computer technical stuff, she would teach me singing technique. The very night that we made that deal I asked her a lot of questions regarding tones, frequencies and notes. She couldn’t answer them all, but she could answer some. Mostly regarding what “an octave” is and how notes work in regard to “dark voice” or “light voice”.

Then I started doing some research on my own. This Wikipedia article is a great read!

And guess what I received in Christmas gift from Amanda?
An ebook course called “The Singing Tutor“!
It was a great present, and I’ve read it through. It’s a detailed and good book, and I got a couple of warm-up mp3’s in the package.

Now I work through them every other day, and I’m pretty confident that even my speech is improving.
Overall, my understanding of how a sound takes shape using the voice is reaching a much higher level of awareness through these exercises. So far, so good! Looking forward to the upcoming weeks and more improvements.

Who else has the ambition to improve their singing?